Daily Archives: July 20, 2009

German Grand Prix on Nürburgring

Journey to the Circuit
Sunday the 12th of July, I went with my brother in law to the Formula 1 German Grand Prix. We drove in three hours and fifteen minutes to the circuit and sought out the grand stand on which we have bought tickets. This was grand stand number 8 around the Dunlop Kehre. From the grand stand we had an spectaculair view on the Ford Kurve, the Dunlop Kehre and the Schumacher S.

Mini Cooper
When we arrived it rained a little bit, so we watched the Mini Cooper Cup standing on the grand stand. What a spectaculair cars are these! Lots of overtaking and sometimes a driver drove off the circuit and into the gravel pit. With a wet track it is very funny to watch such a race.

A picture of the Mini Cooper

Formula BMW Europe
We went for a cup of coffee and while we were buying the coffee, we heard the Formula BMW Europe driving their warming up laps. Talking about spectaculair races! This race was very spectacualair. Lots off overtaking and mistakes and ending in the gravel pit, we love it!

A picture of the Formula BMW Europe

GP2 Series
After the Formula BMW Europe, the GP2 Series got on the track for their race. What a noise those engines make! What spectaculair moves they perform on the track! What speed they have in their GP2 Series cars. I even believe they make more noise than the Formula 1. It was a great race and I enjoyed looking at it.

A picture of the GP2 Series

Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup
Hungry, we went for something to eat and then we went for looking at the Porsche Mobile 1 Supercup. You would think that no action will be revealed, but in the opening stage of the race, there was plenty of action. The picture says it all! The closing stage of the races however, was without a lot of action. Some guys were gaining on other guys, but there was no more overtaking.

A picture of the Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup

Formula 1
First of all Mercedes showed off a couple of Silver Arrows and a McLaren MP4/14. All Formula 1 drivers were presented to the audience in open sports cars and after that we waited for the Formula 1 cars to drive their warm up laps to get to the grid.

A picture of the Formula 1

The race itself was not that spectaculair from our viewpoint, but we enjoyed the sounds of the cars, the action in the turns we could see and the atmosphere on the grand stands.

Journey back home
Around a quarter to five we got back into the car and started the journey back home. It took us half an hour to leave the circuit and for about an hour and a half later we almost left Germany. We came into a traffic jam and stould their waiting for about twenty minutes. In The Netherlands we had dinner and I was home at ten o clock.

It was an amazing day. We had not suffered from rain, only on the journey to the circuit and on the journey back home we had serious rain. During the day we enjoyed all the different cars that were engaged in races. I must do this again sometime next year.