About the Author

I am Marco Vonk and I live in The Netherlands.

Because I am a huge Formula 1 fan, I made this blog on WordPress.com.

Besides this blog I am very busy on the internet, look at my website to see all the website’s I have made and maintain.

Marco’s Website

26 responses to “About the Author

  1. I’m brand new here at WordPress. I live in Long Island, N.Y. and have been an F1 fan for years. I like your page and will check in often.

  2. Thanks,

    As soon as you are settled in, I will come back to your page and have a look around.

  3. Thanks Marco-
    I’ve got alot to figure out here at WordPress.
    My F1 interests are with McLaren primarily…I’m still waiting for that next generation engine and car to come together.

  4. Dear Marco!
    This is PANORAMA – the in-flight magazine of Ukraine International Airlines.

    In our #4’2007 issue in our Whatson section we are announcingt Monaco Formula 1 venue. Can we use your “Supermen” picture to illustrate it. Or it has copyright fees.
    Thank in advance for your help.
    Olga Tarnovska,
    Deputy Editor

  5. Dear Olga!

    You can use the specified “Superman” picture.
    I guess you mean this one:

  6. Hi I found a photo on formula1.wordpress.com and I like to print it and hang it at my room may I do this please and thanks.Hope to get a reply.

  7. Mike:
    You can use any photo you want!

  8. walter londema

    Beste Marco,

    Wij hebben een F1 Newsreader ontwikkeld. Kun je er eens naar kijken ?
    Misschien kunnen we samenwerken ?



  9. hi marco

    i recently found your website and i like it very much. may i at this point tell you about and invite you to join my free to enter f1 website. it is a f1 fantasy league based on actual events of each season. it can be found at http://martynsf1league.com

    i would like to also extend an invite to any of your sites visitors also.



  10. hi marco

    i run a formula one blog, was just wondering if you were interested in a link exchange? the site is called thefrontwing.com.. please let me know..



  11. Hi Marco
    i like your website very much
    I also have an f1 website at


    would you like to exchange links please
    if its possible please contact me via my website


  12. We have launched a new site http://www.watchliveformula1.com site. I saw your web page.
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  13. Hello Marco

    You have made quite a lot of websites and I suppose it takes a lot of time to maintain them.

    I am also a big fan of Formula 1. I have only one website and it really takes some time to keep it updated.

    The most visited section at my website is about the F1 circuits http://www.f1mix.com/circuits/ .


  14. Beste Marco,

    Ik ben een Nederlandse jongen en ik schrijf een Formule 1 blog voor een Amerikaans bedrijf Inasectv.com. Als je geïnteresseerd bent kan ik je een aantal van mij blog’s toesturen.

    Hoor graag van je.

    Met vriendelijke groet,


  15. Top site, I hadn’t come across formula1.wordpress.com before in my searches!
    Continue the superb work!

  16. Marcos

    this is page very interesting.
    I like this information about Formula 1

  17. Hi Marco,

    I have a blog on sports but I write a lot about F1 because I adore it. Are you interested in a link exchange? You can have a look at it at: http://moviesandsportsdessij.blogspot.com/

    I also live-tweet F1 events

    Greetings from Noord Brabant:)

  18. Marco-

    Amazing f1 pics here. Just getting started at our 2 new sites:



    Take a look and tell us what you think

  19. Hi
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  20. I really like your website!It brings out the kid in me. What great content you have! I will be now be a daily visitor!

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  21. Thanks for this blog, really interesting to check out.

  22. Hello Marco. I produce a non-profit magazine for Slot Car racing. Is it possible to use the pic: race1_wallpaper_1 as I’m doing an article on tyres, please.
    It’s the pic from the Australia 2007 Ferrari pit-stop.
    kind regards

  23. Sure Marc, you can use the picture.

  24. Hi Marko, I am a new F1 blogger myself, just wanted to say – love your site!

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